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The 7 most frequently asked questions about destination weddings answered

1. Who pays for what at a destination wedding?

Ok, starting off with a heavy hitter: this is something that couples and guests alike ask often. Generally speaking the etiquette dictates that guests pay for their travel and accommodation while the couple cover the cost of the wedding reception, food, alcohol, venue etc. In some cases the couple might offer to provide accomodation to some of the guests since it's not uncommon - in France at least - that the venue they rent will have some rooms available for the wedding night.

2. Do guests still gift at destination weddings?

Again this is another doozy. As a guest you can gift something small to mark the occasion, maybe a token of appreciation. Unless your invite says "your presence is the present for us" in which case it is ok to just gift a card with some kind words.

Practicality does dictate however not to gift large gifts at destination weddings thus leaving the couple having to manage logistics. If you are going to gift something large do so before or after the wedding and send it directly to their home to save some serious headaches. For the couple getting married I suggest to clarify your desires regarding gifts on the invitations or website so you don't leave your guests with the uncomfortable guessing game & having to ask you one by one.

3. Children at destination weddings: Can I have an "adults only wedding" abroad?

Admittedly it's difficult to say to parents that children aren't welcome when your wedding is abroad. However, you can still have an adult only wedding if you make appropriate childcare arrangements at the venue, you and the parents can share the cost of the child minder and you can have a safe area for children within the venue but away from the event. Be clear on your communication to the parents: Children are only welcome if they are professionally cared for in the designated area for them for safety reasons.

4. What is the best way of travelling with your wedding dress, suit or other formal attire?

Number one recommendation is always to take it with you as a carry on. I know this first hand from a flight attendant that in most cases they are very happy to hang your dress for you in the hanging closet provided that the plane has one. If not, they would suggest to carefully lay your dress flat in the overhead bin on top of the luggages. It's worth to give your airline a call before travelling and discuss it with them, too.

5. How far in advance should I plan a destination wedding?

It’s recommended to start planning a destination wedding at least 12 to 18 months in advance to secure venues, accommodations, and travel arrangements, especially for popular destinations during peak wedding season. Be aware of local events in the area around the time of your wedding and inform your guests if there is any traffic interruption near your venue.

6. What should I consider when planning a beach ceremony?

Consider the weather, accessibility for guests, permits or regulations for beach weddings in your chosen location, and contingency plans in case of inclement weather. Communicate and update your guests if there are any changes of plan. Beaches can be vast, so make sure you provide exact location to your ceremony.

7. How can I make sure my guests are comfortable during the wedding?

Provide guests with detailed information about the destination, including cultural customs, local attractions, and transportation options. Consider hosting welcome events or group activities to help guests feel more at ease and included in the celebration. Add detailed information about weather and dress code to your wedding website.

Let me know if you have more questions in the comments and if you are planning your wedding now, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter, so you can read more of our useful posts.

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