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Wedding trends 2024 - 2025

Last year I published my article on wedding current wedding trends and I had so much positive feedback from brides that I decided to collect some new trends for 2024 and 2025.

So let's not waste anymore time but dive straight into it!

1) Timeless elegance

Quite the pivot from the bohemian style we can see pampas out and orchids and white roses everywhere

Formal wedding attire black and white tie weddings are here baby!

I have to admit this is something that I am fully behind. The light boho dresses are being left behind for elegant beautiful dresses with oversized skirts with heavy long trails giving you all the drama ensuring all eyes are on you. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of contemporary dress designers, these are often detachable skirts because giving you the opportunity to change without the hassle of actually changing.

Photos by Barbara Markiewicz

Dresses by Daalarna Couture

2) Sustainability

This subject is really close to my heart and I mention it a lot. More and more couples are opting local vendors, caterers with locally grown and sourced food and have authentic traditional local cuisine than trying to create something that isn't region specific. We are lucky that in France, Italy and Greece where we have most of our weddings we don't need to go far for amazing food and nature is very kind providing the most beautiful backdrop naturally. For planet conscious brides we recommend shopping around for designer dresses online, there are plenty of stunning second-hand ones for example on Still White.

The usage of e-invites saving precious resources is definitely not just environment friendly but also saves time and admin.

We see less plastic used, less balloons and more couples being conscious of only using seasonal and regional florals.

At Bebono weddings we plant trees for every couple who books us, because the only way fighting deforestation is reforestation!

We have many tips how to have a sustainable wedding so keep tuned for our next blogpost.

3) Multiple looks throughout the day

As previously touched on it transformable dresses are a clever way changing into a night look more suited for the party. Detach the heavy dramatic skirt and party into the night in your "new" light dress.

We have seen for decades in many cultures before: brides changing their gowns for the party there is nothing new there. However having a second or even a third white wedding dress worn on the same day for different parts of the day is definitely something that is really taking off now.

Photo by Barbara Markiewicz

4) Playing with the colours

I talk a lot about wedding attire and dresses in particular. There's a reason for that. Most of the time the attire that you imagine yourself in on your wedding day will be the factor that gives the direction of the style.

Let's look at two recent celebrity weddings Anya Taylor-Joy and Sofia Richie both got married in 2023. Anya decided to go for a stunning (but not a traditional) Dior dress.

Photo by Cobra Team/Splash News/BACKGRID

While Sofia Richie wore (not one but two!) white Chanel dresses. The twist came with the bridesmaids all wearing black. While it is not a shockingly new but still very popular trend at luxury weddings. I personally love both dressed, the laced Chanel gown Sofia chose for the ceremony and the modern fitted dress - inspired by Claudia Shiffer's 1993 runway look - she rocked for the party.

Photo by Norman & Blake

Photo by Norman & Blake

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