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Wedding trends in 2022 - 2023

Wedding trends are so hard to write about and define because the final style really does (and should) come to the couple's personal taste. Their wedding should always reflect them 100%. Yet we are naturally influenced by current trends and this is what I would like to discover in the following blog so let's dive in!

1) Bohemian with natural tones (and yes! Pampas are still around in 2022!)

This trend really took off in 2021 and can be so easily made unique and be personalised. We really can see them present in the high budget luxury weddings to the modest budget weddings and we love it! So what exactly is included in this category? Wedding dresses with the dropped sleeves, airy & flowy gowns. While in decor we saw the pampas dominating this year, we will continue to see them in 2022 with some added florals combined with colours of the natural palette.

Photo by Angela @badassboudoirbabes

2) Two-piece wedding dresses

This one is possibly my personal favourite because again you can so nicely build it in the rest of your wedding let it be a refined elegance or an earthy laid back style. Not to mention comfort! Big heavy dresses can feel stuffy in hotter climates so consider this type of dress if you are planning a tropical or mediterranean wedding.

Photo by @thomasaudiffren

For this next one, let's stay with the wedding dresses for a moment. There is a lot of focus on wedding dress shopping so it is not surprising that we have multiple trends taking off at the same time. I have two more in my pocket for brides of 2022 and 2023 to discover.

3) Long and puffy sleeves all the way covered in lace!

While lace naturally is present in wedding dresses it is rare that we cover ourselves in them form neck to toe. Reportedly dresses ordered for 2022 there is an increase of long & puffy sleeves. This is exactly what we will see trending though and who could have shown us a better way than Kitty Spencer herself in her showstopper Dolce & Gabbana gown. I mean, perfection!

Photo by @kitty.spencer

But let's have another example from the celebrity world from no other than the iconic Paris Hilton. While her sleeves were only slightly puffed at shoulder joints, her dress was also a long sleeve head-to-toe lace done beautifully by Oscar Delarenta.

Photo by Jose Villa/Shuttershock

Alright now that we successfully discussed dresses which are let's be honest a focal point for all the brides lets move on to another hot topic surrounding us every day and making it's way in the wedding industry (rightly so!). This is:

4) Sustainability

Another trend that is definitely here to stay for the coming years. Reportedly Carrie Symonds rented her dress for her wedding to Boris Johnson. Rented dresses are on the rise which is not only kinder to Mother Earth but also to your pockets! There are specialised wedding dress rental salons and what is amazing in them that they carry a lot of beautiful and good quality designer dresses for fraction of the price.

Photo by Josie M Gammet

We at Bebono encourage our brides to find local produces, producers and we vet out suppliers with sustainability in mind also. There are wonderful sustainable table decor ideas and your florist will know what flowers are in season and will also know local growers who have the best quality products. Destination wedding brides also can consider local products as wedding favours, that saves not only the logistics of getting them to location but of course much more sustainable.

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