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Indian weddings in France

Let me start with that France is an amazing and probably the most romantic country to get married in. However... yes there is however... planning a wedding that is slightly out of the norm, can be challenging.

Indian bride wearing beautiful wedding saree for her wedding at a french Chateau. Photographer: Barbara Markiewicz
Indian bride in France

Primarily finding the right suppliers when the options you find on google or on the usual wedding sites are limited. Indian weddings are no different. France is also not famous for its flexibility.

You will find that most suppliers have a certain way of doing things and if you are looking to change you will meet some resistance. Therefore finding the right local suppliers who are willing to think outside the box is key.

When you start planning in search of an indian caterer or an indian priest or someone who is able to do your mehndi and a quick internet search isn't bringing you the sea of results we are so used to these days. Do not be disheartened. It can be done.

Beautiful Mehndi henna for Indian bride in France. Indian wedding in the north of France.
Mehndi henna for Indian bride in France

Professional Indian suppliers, from Mehndi artists to Dhol players for your wedding are out there. If you are not sure where to start or how to plan your Indian wedding in France you are welcome to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to source all the suppliers you need and help you navigate the local rubrics. #indianwedding #indianweddingsineurope #internationalweddingpl

Laced and studded Saree for Indian Bride in France
Beautiful Indian Bride in Saree

Photos in this blogpost are taken by the wonderful Barbara Markiewicz taken at a real wedding in the North of France, at Château Villers-Bocage.

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